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confidence through cleanliness (ctc)

If there was a single place where cleanliness is a direct influence on how someone views a business, its hospitals, doctors offices, and medical facilities. The feeling of getting better can’t be overshadowed by the feeling of being able to get worse. Surfaces have to be clean and disinfected to the point people notice. The medical facility cleaning provided by Forte instill confidence through cleanliness.

Does your medical office smell clean? Do all reflective surfaces sparkle? Are all counter tops, tables and seating free of dirt, stains, and sticky stuff? Well that is the goal for sure, but do you get this level of clean consistently? With Forte’s medical cleaning services, you will each time and every time.

First impressions. You can never get that back, nor seldom undo them. Will the first impression of your client be of confidence? How valued will your medical advice be if the rooms your clients are waiting in are bacteria incubators? It is bad enough other sick people are there, that can’t be helped, but clients don’t want to feel as though their sickness can spread to them. The cleaner, more sanitized your waiting rooms are, the better, more confident your clients will feel. Putting clients to ease is an obtainable goal when using Forte’s medical cleaning services.

In these clinical environments, the risk of exposure to healthcare associated infections (HAIs) significantly increases. Our medical cleaning services train team members to disinfect every surface, not just the ones you can see. Clients needs to be assured that what you are poking them with and sticking in them is sterile, and no matter how sterile they are, if the waiting room is not, you’ll never convince them. Using Forte’s healthcare cleaning services will convince them each and every time that your medical facility is cleaned to the highest standard.

Often in exam rooms, dust is the culprit. The bed bases are caked with dust bunnies making a waiting patient uneasy about leaving their purse on the floor. Or the containers on the exam room counters haven’t been moved so when a doctor comes to get a “sterile” item, he/she is embarrassed by the inch of dust or grime that falls to the floor


Forte consistently ranks high on monthly client evaluations.

Forte consistently ranks high on monthly client evaluations.

  • Eliminates Cross-Contamination
  • Bacterial Free Surfaces
  • Sparkling Floors
  • Clean Desks
  • Fresh and Sanitized

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