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Stadium & Venue cleaners for Utah.

Finding a professional stadium cleaning company that knows your business and can produce results may seem impossible. But with Forte, it’s possible. Forte Utah delivers consistent and reliable stadium cleaning services every time we service your venue. We have over 200 active clients that vouch for our work.

We understand that the entertainment business demands flexibility because its needs are constantly changing. Forte is always ready with flexible cleaning scheduling, 24/7 support, day/night porter services and appropriate staffing. Forte trains trusted stadium cleaners in Utah.


Each year millions of dollars are spent by entertainment venues trying to create the ultimate fan experience. Each venue trying to outdo the other with a bigger, better, and more exciting experience. But why? There’s only one answer. We do it for the fans.

Fans, enthusiasts, and hardcore supporters are the heart and soul of any entertainment organization. Not only do they bring an awesome energy and excitement to your stadium but happy fans also bring commitment and loyalty. With Forte’s stadium cleaning services, satisfied customers are more likely to renew their season passes and satisfied sponsors are more apt to renew their contracts which means leads to an increase in revenue.

So, what do your fans want? Cleanliness. Scott Kelley and Lou Turley, two leading experts in sports marketing research, conducted a study on what particular service qualities fans deemed important when attending an event. Stadium cleanliness was ranked number two, just behind the quality and outcome of the game. Whether it’s a soccer game or a music concert, every fan wants a clean stadium.

Proudly Serving the Utah Jazz


  • Pre/post Event Cleaning
  • Uniformed personnel with ID badges
  • Seat & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Maintenance and Care
  • Stripping, Waxing and Buffing of floors
  • Carpet Care/ Spot Removal
  • Metalwork polishing
  • General Cleaning of lobbies, walkways, restrooms
  • Office and Lounge Cleaning
  • Kitchen & Concession Cleaning
  • Day/Night Porter Services
  • Pressure washing and graffiti removal
  • Window Cleaning
  • Trash & Recycling services
  • Parking Lot services
  • Power washing
  • Incident Reporting


Forte provides quality controlled and accountable stadium cleaning services and event cleaning from large stadiums to smaller shows and venues in Utah. From Cleaning to disinfection we will clean your facility. We can also help you best protect and clean for covid -19 the corona virus. From Cleaning to disinfection we will clean your facility. We can also help you best protect and clean for covid -19 the corona virus.

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